Since 1993

Helm Land and Cattle Company is a working cattle and horse ranch nestled in the foothills of the Davis Mountains of west Texas. Your horse will be integrated slowly into a small herd of other horses by a lifelong horseman who recognizes horses as unique individuals that progress at their own rate. As they acclimate, their natural instincts enable them to enjoy a healthy and natural turn-out season or retirement.

Movement is critical to horse health. Horses with unlimited acreage will travel naturally, keeping their digestive system, respiratory system, coat and hooves in good condition. Movement keeps joints better lubricated and improves circulation, especially in older horses. Their own ability to travel, combined with large pastures that have ample natural cover, means your horse will stay happier and healthier than in a restrictive environment. Traditional stabling practices, which are usually the only alternative for most horse owners, horse health can be dependent upon supplements and constant observation to prevent colic, ulcers, respiratory infections and laminitis. These conditions seldom, if ever, appear in NHRP horses.

I have spent my life on this ranch, and understand the dynamics of animal management in a pristine environment. Janet and I live on the ranch full time. The semi-arid climate of far west Texas is perfect for optimum horse health. Low humidity translates to less parasites, insects, fungus and mold that often compromise a horse's immune system. Horses enrolled in NHRP have the benefit of personal care while enjoying the experience of spending their days roaming the range as horses have done successfully for hundreds of years.

If you want your horse to have the opportunity of truly being a horse, we invite you to consider our unique natural horse retirement program.

Ron Helm