Services Offered

Horses are slowly acclimated to pasture life by gradually tapering off daily hay and grain supplements and allowing them to explore the pasture and join peer groups on their own. Horses are not utilized as working animals in any manner.

Horses enrolled in NHRP integrate into small groups that are allowed access to large pastures of high quality native grasses and well distributed waterings.  Their own natural movement and the semi-arid climate contributes to "whole horse" holistic health, especially in older horses.  Grasses in this area of Texas routinely exceed 14% protein year-round, and are supplemented with high quality forbes throughout the ranch.

Ron and Janet live full time on the ranch, and make visual inspections of all animals on a regular basis. Abundant water is available at numerous locations in each pasture, and pastures are constantly monitored. Your horse will not be simply "turned out," but will be
introduced to this wonderful country by a lifelong horseman.  Personal care of your horse is our commitment.

The retirement program is limited to geldings and open mares 18 years and older with current health papers.  We cannot accept stallions, bred mares, or horses younger than 18.  There is a turn-out program option for bred mares that will be removed prior to foaling, off season performance horses or temporary grazing.

Enrollment in NHRP is based upon $300 per month fee, payable quarterly in advance. A month-by-month temporary option for recipient mares, bred mares, or turn-out horses is $400 per month, payable quarterly in advance as well. "Turn-out" horses are those horses residing at the ranch less than one year.

There are no "add-ons" or surprise monthly charges. Once a horse has transitioned into the environment, extra services and charges (ie. farriers and veterinarians) are not a normal occurrence. Feed costs are associated with quality native range grasses and are not subject to
the volatile market conditions that affect hay and grain prices.

Your horse has served your performance and professional goals for years.  As you consider retirement for this valued member of your family, think about the natural world horses are bred and born to occupy. NHRP is the only retirement program offering you the unique
opportunity to give your horse a chance to roam the range with complete freedom and personal human care.