“We have two horses with the NHRP: Sam, a Palomino, is about 15 years old, and Hula, a chestnut mare, is about 17 years old. They have been with Ron for two years. It is the only decision I have ever made in my entire life that I know with absolutely certainty that was the right thing to do. Once placing them there, I have never had one ounce of doubt or regret. They are healthier and happier than they ever were in constant human care…Every single horse out there, except for the two newbies, had the most perfect hooves I had ever seen. It was unbelievable. Their bodies were rock hard. Their coats and their eyes had a vibrancy not seen in horses in domesticated settings. They were all jaunty, confident, healthy, they all knew their place among their mini-herds, they all knew Ron’s truck (which told me he checks on them regularly, feeding them alfalfa cubes). There was plenty of fresh water, fresh air, space to roam, places to hide from bad weather. I can only imagine the nights out there: purely magical…The hard part of the process was sending them off and worrying about them during their transition to natural life. Ron has a pretty methodical system of transition. Our horses did great…I’m a huge advocate for this program because I believe every horse yearns for an existence like this. Horses are so kind to tolerate humans, but we are not their best caretakers….they are. The NHRP allows them that opportunity.”  — V. Turchinovic, Texas

“WOW, they all look GORGEOUS!!! I have never seen my guys look so good. Totally in shape and happy, happy, happy! Entrusting you with their care was the BEST decision I have ever made. Thank you Ron and Natural Horse Retirement!” — B. Mowrey, Arizona

“I couldn’t be happier that Cassie is in your care in retirement. Based on the videos I’ve received, she looks fit/fat, happy and sassy. I personally believe that being with you will give her more years of uncompromised life that any boarding facility could possibly provide.” — Patricia R. Seattle, Washington

“I took two of my friend’s horses to Van Horn today to set them free for life. Amazing 12,000 acre ranch with bands of retired horses running free in a beautiful, lush terrain. None of these horses seemed lonely for people, probiotics, carrots, or any of the things we work so hard to give them at Austin Stables. They wouldn’t let us touch them – domestic horses truly running wild – though they are looked after regularly by Ron Helm. It was illuminating as well as humbling.” —Cristie B., owner of Austin Stables, Austin, Texas

“India’s sensitivity to dust and molds in her environment adversely affected her respiratory system. This caused her to have episodes of coughing, shortness of breath, and intolerance to exercise. Our climate in Syracuse is not the most horse-friendly – impeccable horse keeping is a must here…I knew she would be happier and healthier with NHR. Thanks again!” — Amy T., Syracuse, New York